Real-time Insight & Analytics

Awair Dashboard
Actionable Data
Compare device readings, see trends over time, and troubleshoot potential issues in real-time
What is Metrics?
Easy Device Management
Easily locate and manage all devices throughout your space from your floorplan
How to Manage Devices
Lobby Display Mode
Share the Indoor Air Quality score of your space with others
What’s Lobby Display Mode?
Organize & Manage
Group your devices by Organization, Location, and Floor to simplify operations and lend context to air quality readings.
Draw Meaningful Connections
View performance data by device, factor, and time period to quickly identify trends.
Locate Problem Areas
Upload your floor plan to make it easier to locate your devices and identify problem areas within your building.
Create Custom Alerts
Set custom alerts to notify you via text or email the moment conditions become unhealthy.
Lobby Display Mode
Display Mode enables Awair Dashboard subscribers to display the current IAQ data of an Awair device on any other device that can connect to internet.
How it works
Go to the Device Management Page
Organization and Location Managers of an Awair enterprise dashboard can create a locked URL and then choose where and how to share it.
Select the device you want to share data for
You can pick which device you would prefer to share air data for by choosing the device tile for that device.
Click ‘Display Mode’ to receive your URL
Once you receive the URL, you can choose to share the link for others to access or share it on a dashboard.
Why Share Your IAQ Score?
Increase Awareness of IAQ
IAQ is an important factor to human health and can generally be easily managed and improved
Reassure Occupants
Showing your score can lead to conversations about steps you are taking for health and safety.
Create Change
Sharing your air score is 100% Optional but can improve productivity, efficiency, and health.
Improve Health and Safety with the Right Insights
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