Temperature makes all the difference for productivity, comfort and mood.


Too much or too little moisture leads to cold, flu symptoms and risk for toxic mold.


Indoor exposure to carbon dioxide can impair focus, decision-making and producitivty.

Chemicals (TVOCs)

Toxic chemicals can be found in everyday materials. They can cause skin and respiratory irritation.

Fine Dust (PM2.5)

Dust can travel into our lungs and trigger health problems like asthma and allergies.

Ambient Light (Lux)

Light intensity can cause eye strain and migraines, hindering productivity and focus.

Ambient Noise (dBA)

Load sounds can obstruct our ability to concentrate, especially in open office settings.


Real Time

Real-time sensor readings

Touch-sensitive LED display

Display Settings

Customizable display settings

8-hour battery backup

Multiple power options

Wall-mountable bracket options

Gateway/Bracket bundle options



Width: 3.85 Inch (98mm)
Height: 3.85 Inch (98m)
Depth: 1.35 Inch (34mm)


220g (0.49 Ibs)

System Requirements

Wi-Fi connection
Smartphone or tablet with support for Bluetooth 4.1.
Running iOS (8 or later) and Android (Jelly Bean 4.3 or later)
Free Awair account

Connectivity Options

Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n @ 2.4GH) w/ Bluetooth 4.1 for setup
Cellular (4G LTE) w/ Gateway and Bracket bundle
Ethernet w/ Gateway and Bracket bundle

Power Options

Wall Adapter (100~240V AC, 50/60Hz USB-C)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) w? Bracket accessory
Direct AC/DC (7-36V) w/ Bracket accessory


Wall mount unit with screws (recommended) and 3M tape

A powerful, long range,
wireless connectivity solution

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The future of IAQ sensor network

Long-range that covers
the entire building

The mesh network amplified by nodes helps you have a single network to onboard sensors on all floors in the building

The simplest onboarding within 5 seconds

One touch wireless onboarding results in fewer installation steps leading 5-seconds-onboarding and less installation costs

Rivals the reliability and security of wired networks

Adding more devices with mesh increases reliability with alternative data routes. It’s also self-healing with two layers of encryption.


Make your network
long-ranged and powerful

Blanket entire warehouses or floors in your building with up to 1km line of sight range between devices.
The more devices are added to the AwairNet network, the longer range the network will cover.

Onboard in Less Than 5 Seconds

Realtime Monitoring
Ensure that your Leader Mesh Mount is onhand and its LED light is blinking white to showthat it is in onboarding mode.

Onboard in Less Than 5 Seconds

Keep your IAQ data safe and secured

Mulitple alternative paths

If the red device fails, messages take alternative path.

End to End Encryption

Grey devices only transmit the data. They cannot understand what it is.

Secure Network Joining

Only those with secure credentials can understand network transmissions.

AwairNet Solutions

Awair Omni provides solutions at every scale, from single offices and schools to multiple buildings, tenants, and locations. See what’s right for you.

Awair for Education

Outdated HVAC systems may not ventilate PM2.5, or CO2 enough. Ensure air is safe for learning.

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Awair for the Office

Show off your score, and show your employees and visitors you care about their wellbeing.

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Awair for Businesses

Reducing CO2 and PM2.5 in the air can help you reassure your customers and clients they are safe

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Build Your Perfect Solution

Customize AwairNet to fit your needs by selecting your ideal power and connectivity method.

Leader Installation

Make sure that the leader has an internet connection via ethernet.

Make sure that the leader has an internet connection via ethernet.

Node Installation

Power via USB-C

Power via low voltage wiring

Power via PoE

PoE is an unlikely installation choice