AwairNet - A New IAQ Wireless Mesh Connectivity Solution

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October 26, 2022

We are very excited to announce our new product AwairNet. AwairNet is a powerful, long-range wireless mesh connectivity solution. With AwairNet, onboarding IAQ devices take less than 5 secs, reducing the installation cost significantly. Large-scale deployments are easily supported, with no need to enter or share WIFI SSID and credentials. It makes the concern of internal network security breaches a thing of the past.

AwairNet reduces the barrier for enterprises to initiate large-scale IAQ monitoring. This includes bringing IAQ awareness to the community and tenants and using data to drive the necessary use of industrial equipment like HVAC and germicidal UVC that enables an indoor healthy living space. With data, operators can automatically control equipment usage, reduce power consumption, pro-long equipment lifetime, and reduce maintenance costs.

We will continue to innovate and use technology to help enterprises to adopt cost-effective IAQ solutions. AwairNet is one of those innovations to support the "Indoor Clean Air" movement. Check out the government's "Clean Air in Building Challenge".

AwairNet is now available for shipping. Schedule a time with us or learn more.