September 12, 2021

Meet Sarah Gudeman. She's the Director of Sustainability for Morrissey Engineering. In her review video, she talks about Awair Omni and how she uses it in her every day work for indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring. It measures several key environmental factors, including temperature, humidity, CO2, TVOCs, PM2.5, noise, and light. It's an approachable product for anyone, not just engineers or building professionals. Check out this webpage for more information on how to use the product in your organization to keep employees healthy and safe. 

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"Other things I like about the Awair Omni is that there's a couple of different configurations," added Sarah Gudeman, Director of Sustainability at Morrissey Engineering. "You can have it just freestanding on a desk with a little kickstand or you can do a wall mount installation with a couple different brackets. I also really appreciate if you're doing USB power, you can power it off the back or off the bottom of the unit (if you do go with a wall mounting configuration). Just the way everything's packaged is really nice. There's a little level sensor that comes with the in-wall mount. They give you different mounting devices like the cord is nicely designed and matches the sensor, which surprisingly is something that sometimes isn't really well done on other units." It's an intuitive product that is easy to show clients and give people access to for their own education and ongoing monitoring, which is really good."