Share the Air (Quality): Introducing Display Mode

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February 10, 2021

Building health safety has always been important, but it has never received as much public attention as it is getting now. A big part of that attention is focused on indoor air quality (IAQ). People are becoming increasingly aware that ventilation, air filtering, and IAQ are leading factors in measuring the safety of a space, especially for re-entry. In addition, managing building air quality:

Businesses, schools, and offices are implementing safety protocols and looking for ways to let people know that their space is safe and health-centric. Concurrently, people are looking for ways to check if the places they are headed to or spend time in are safe. 

Which is why Awair decided to create its newest enterprise software feature, Display Mode.

What is Display Mode?

Display Mode enables Awair Dashboard subscribers to display the current IAQ data of an Awair device on any other device that can connect to internet, such as a large wall monitor in the lobby of a corporate office, or on a tablet at a reception desk, or even on a mobile phone for someone to check prior to heading to work. 

What data is shown in the display?

Display Mode shows the IAQ data of a specific device, the Organization name, the device name and its location, and the current time. The data is refreshed every 5 minutes. 

Where can an Awair Dashboard subscriber find the Display Mode URL?

You can create a Display Mode URL by going to the Device Management page. You can then click on the “Display Mode” button inside each device tile, and the Display Mode URL for that specific device will be shown, as illustrated in the video below. NOTE: Only Organization Managers and Location Managers can access the Device Management pages and the option to create the Display Mode URL. 



How is the data shared? 

Organization and Location Managers of an Awair enterprise dashboard subscription can create a locked URL and from there determine where and how to share it. This URL can be added to lobby displays such that Display Mode shows but not the link. Or, if desired, it can be shared for others to access. All they need is an internet browser on any device and the URL.

Why would I share my air data? 

Creating and/or sharing a Display Mode URL is 100% optional. We at Awair think sharing air quality is important for a few reasons. Calling attention to air quality creates broader awareness of IAQ and the impact it can have on human health, as well as illustrates how easily most instances of poor IAQ can be solved (e.g., opening windows or reducing occupancy rates). Finally, sharing air data can reassure people to return to the places they used to go, such as work or school, or to rent commercial office or residential spaces in a particular building.

How can you use Display Mode?

We are excited to launch Display Mode and will continually be engaging with you, our customers, to learn and to continue to add new features to our Awair Dashboard software. We know you're investing in keeping your building environment safe. Now occupants and others can see the results of your efforts, too.  In fact, we recently made an update, and Display Mode now offers the ability to choose theme colors and the type of sensor data that is displayed, too. 

Current Awair Dashboard subscribers can go create their Display Mode link now. If you are not a current client or Dashboard subscriber but are interested in learning more, please reach out to our Sales team with your specific needs:


  • Reassures tenants, students, and employees the environment is safe 
  • Improves cognitive performance (up to 15%)
  • Lowers absence rates by 35%
  • Increases productivity (revenues have increased by $15,000 per employee per year)
  • Improves overall well-being