How To Take Care of Your Employees Beyond the Workplace

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June 16, 2021

If there’s one lesson that employees and employers have learned over the last year, it’s to never take health for granted. One factor that continuously contributes to individuals' daily health and wellness is indoor air quality (IAQ). Whether at work or at home, IAQ can impact sleep patterns, productivity levels, and overall comfort. 

The Future of Work 

With every workplace taking a slightly different approach to the “future of work,” HR and Benefits Administrators can stand out from competitors and show their employees that they care about their well-being. Whether your company is re-opening in full, adopting a hybrid model, or continuing to work from home, you have the option to offer an exclusive discount to your employees for Awair Element, or include the product as a part of your benefits package. Think about it as a gym membership except it’s effortless. Employees can use the technology to track air quality factors to ensure they breathe safely anywhere. 

Why is IAQ Important? 

Awair Element tracks five air quality factors, including temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), chemicals (TVOCs), and particulate matter (PM2.5). Through our free Awair Home app, users can easily understand how their indoor air quality is influencing the way they feel. For instance, too much CO2 in a small area—like a bedroom or an office—can lead to drowsiness, headaches, decreased productivity and poor sleep quality. Similarly, there are a whole host of health symptoms associated with humidity. Too high humidity can cause allergy-like symptoms and too low humidity can cause chronic skin and throat irritation. 

Another air quality category measured by Awair Element is PM2.5. This pollutant continues to be the subject of international debate because it can have serious impacts on health. It is often linked to large, densely-populated cities since they are epicenters of production and power consumption. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the suburbs are not exempt from the rise in PM2.5 due to road paving, construction, or wildfires. 

Investing in Wellness  

Creating a positive company culture ultimately boosts the bottom line and helps companies attract the right talent. When employees feel genuinely cared for by management, their bond to the company is strengthened, even when they may not be physically located in the office. With times changing quickly in a post-pandemic world, employers are realizing that there is more that can be done from a holistic wellness standpoint. In a recent Forbes 2021 article, studies show that 70% of leaders think they are providing good access to health and wellness support. However, only 23% of their employees agree with them. 

Prioritize Employee Health 

Show your employees you care about them by focusing on their overall health and wellness journey. By offering indoor air quality technology like Awair Element, you’ll improve employees' well-being at home and at work. In the process, you’ll also build greater trust, which supports retention and recruitment efforts and solidifies your company’s commitment to wellness.